Bronze + Vine Rental Agreement


Rental reservations can be made through the contact form on our website, by phone, by emailing a request to or through Instagram direct message. You will receive a detailed pricing quote for the rentals requested. To confirm your reservation, we require your contact information, party details, and where applicable a 50% deposit (or full payment, depending on the item) at the time of reservation. If a deposit is required, it will be applied to your final balance.

We also require written confirmation that the Rental Agreement has been read and you agree with the terms of the Agreement.


Changes and cancellations to your order can be made until two weeks prior to the party date. Cancellation within two weeks of rental will result in the loss of 50% of your payment or the deposit where applicable. Any additions to your initial rental order must be made 48 hours prior to delivery and are subject to item availability. You may make changes by phone or email. Acceptance of changes to your rental order must be confirmed by Bronze + Vine to be reflected on your rental order.


The rental rate is based on a per day (24 hour) rental. Rental packages will be picked up/delivered the morning of the party and picked up/returned next day. Items that require set up or special care will be delivered and set up at an agreed upon time. Any additional charges for set up or delivery will be detailed in your quote.


The client is responsible for all rental items from the time of pick-up/delivery to the time of return. Any damaged rental items will be charged back to the client at current replacement value and must be paid in full within 48 hours of items being returned. Glassware will be considered broken if returned chipped. Plate chargers must not come into direct contact with food and must not be used as serving dishes. Plate chargers will be considered broken if returned chipped or scratched. Linens will be considered damaged if stains can not be removed.


Deliveries within Winnipeg are charged at a standard rate. Deliveries for outside Winnipeg will be charged additional delivery charges, detailed in your quote. Delivery and pick-up times will be determined when your reservation is confirmed. 24-hour notice is required if delivery or pick-up times need to be changed. Additional charges may apply. Delivery includes the drop-off of rental items and does not include set up. Set up of rental items will only be available on certain complex items and will be detailed in your quote.



It is the responsibility of the Client to:

  • Ensure rentals are permitted within venue restrictions and requirements
  • Determine whether any permits are required and to obtain them as necessary
  • Ensure all items are returned in the same condition in which they were rented
  • Ensure all rental items are protected from the elements (e.g. weather if used outdoors, etc.)
  • Be aware of and adhere to the current public health orders / restrictions when planning your celebration. Be mindful that

the restrictions may change from the time of booking to when your celebration takes place.

  • For Showstopper rentals client is responsible for all items as outlined in the Showstopper Addendum.


Payment is received by e-transfer to For Rental Collections and add-on items, full payment is required

at the time of booking. Some items, such as those reserved for a date further than 3 months out, a 50% deposit is required at the

time of booking and the remaining balance of your invoice is due 1 week prior to the party date.

Bronze + Vine Rental Agreement - Showstopper Addendum

Our Showstoppers are delivered, set-up, and picked up as they require special care. Showstopper items include the Shimmer Wall, Floral Beverage Wall, Greenery Beverage Wall and all associated pieces (e.g. including stands, weights, glasses etc.)


In addition to the Client Responsibilities outlined in the Rental Agreement, client renting Showstopper items must also adhere to the following:

  •  Once items have been set up by Bronze + Vine, Showstopper items must remain where they have been placed and may not be moved by the client or anyone other than a Bronze + Vine representative as they require special care during set up. It will be the responsibility of the client to ensure they have decided where the item will be placed prior to delivery. Any damage resulting from a moved Showstopper item will result in a damage charge and will be invoiced to the Client upon return of rentals. Bronze + Vine accepts no responsibility for any personal injury or property damage resulting from a moved Showstopper item once it has been placed by Bronze + Vine.

  •  If serving alcoholic beverages in the Beverage Walls, client must ensure proper permits and licenses are obtained and all laws and regulations around the service of alcohol are being adhered to. Bronze + Vine holds no responsibility for the permits or service of alcohol in conjunction with the Beverage Walls.

  •  When pouring beverages for the Beverage Walls, beverages must be poured PRIOR to placing the glasses in the beverage rungs.

  •  If the Showstopper item is to be picked up the day after the event and the event takes place outdoors, it will be the client responsibility to ensure the Showstopper item covered with the covers provided by Bronze + Vine to ensure protection. Any item damage resulting from an uncovered Showstopper item will result in a damage charge and will be invoiced to the Client upon return of rentals.

  •  If the Client would like to hire another vendor to attach additional decor to our Showstoppers, the Client must request approval in writing from Bronze + Vine. For example, balloon or floral decor attached to the Shimmer wall.


Beverage Walls will be considered damaged if beverage stains on the wall backdrops are not removable and panels need to be replaced. A damage charge may apply and will be invoiced to the Client upon return of rentals.

The Shimmer Wall will be considered damaged if the sequin panels are broken or sequins have been removed. A damage charge may apply and will be invoiced to the Client upon return of rentals.