We are Jenn and Jenna, two best friends who love party planning and making even the smallest celebration memorable.

We met while working together at a popular local restaurant over ten years ago and our friendship has grown to be more like sisters in that time. We both have business backgrounds and worked in the corporate world for many years. While our professional backgrounds are in Marketing, Social Media, and Advertising; and Human Resources, we’ve always had a passion for party planning.

We dreamed up the idea of Bronze + Vine during one of our monthly Ladies Nights. We were discussing our kids’ upcoming birthday parties and chatting about themes, decor, and menu. And through that conversation, we identified the need for ONE resource that covers all aspects of party planning. We wanted to create a business around simplifying the party planning process.

While our resources can be used for a party of any size or type, Bronze + Vine specializes in elevating smaller gatherings. To elevate a party means to bring it to a more impressive level and we believe this is achieved by focusing on the details.

First, we’ve created ELEVATE, a simplified party planning resource for anyone planning a party – whether it’s a special occasion, casual backyard BBQ or ladies’ night in. Our e-book is a detailed resource sharing our simplified process for party planning and includes tons of printable resources to keep you on track.

Second, we’ve curated beautiful Rental Collections that will elevate your party and simplify the decor aspect of your party plans. Our carefully chosen Decor Rental Collections include everything you need for smaller gatherings and beautiful show stopping rental items that are sure to wow your guests at parties of any sizes. All of our Rentals are available in Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas.

We’re so excited to share our passion for party planning with you!

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