Trendy Balloon Decor

If you’ve been searching for trendy party décor lately, you’ve likely come across a lot of really fun balloon décor! We think sometimes balloons get a bad reputation for being "cheap” but balloons are actually very versatile and depending on how you style them, balloons can look so classy! We’re big fans of DIYing our balloon décor and finding inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram for new ways of styling our décor! We’ve listed our three favorite ways to style balloons for a variety of parties.

Balloon Backdrops
Balloon backdrops for behind a food or beverage table or as a photobooth can add a fun aspect to your party! You may choose to hang a simple DIY balloon garland on the wall for a children’s birthday party or create a full balloon wall for a photobooth backdrop for a bachelorette, bridal shower or engagement party! You can add greenery, fresh florals, twinkle lights, or foil balloons to really elevate your balloon arch.

We often hang our balloons directly on walls using Command Hooks and we have a great Photobooth Stand from Amazon that we use for more elaborate set-ups – check it out here: Backdrop Support Stand

We love photobooths at parties because it provides entertainment for guests but also makes for some great photos to share on social media.

 B+V-BalloonWall B+V-MonsterParty-Balloons

Balloon Hoops

Hoop decor is a fairly new trend and is very popular for floral décor. Recently, we’ve been seeing more and more people using them for balloon décor too! We usually just but hula hoops from the Dollar Store (harder to come by in the Winter, so if you’re thinking about making hoop décor for a Winter party, make sure you stock up during the Summer!) We love Dollar Tree, because they often have different sizes of hoops! The first step is to get your hoop the colour you want, we usually just spray paint it or wrap it in ribbon! For the balloons, you actually just make a mini balloon garland and then attach it to the hoop and add greenery or flowers! Hang them on the wall for a beautiful, simple decoration.


Classic Balloon Bouquets
Simple helium balloon bouquets are still very popular, especially for children's birthday parties and casual parties. Make your balloon bouquets more interesting by mixing up the types and colours of balloons. Match some matte black and white balloons with a vibrant gold or pair pastel latex balloons with a few themed foil balloons.

Add some more focal points by having floor bouquets, tabletop bouquets or even simple single balloons to line a table.

We like to buy our balloons in bulk at - they have so many different sizes, finishes (matte, shiny, pastel, etc.) and themed balloons too.


Check back soon for detailed how-to’s on creating balloon garlands and hoops.

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