Outside the Box Halloween

With the chillier weather here, we can’t help but think about HALLOWEEN! We know it’s still a month away, but we’re looking forward to finding creative ways to celebrate this year since there has already been so much talk about Trick-or-Treating being cancelled!

We both have a love for Halloween – planning fun and outrageous costumes, decorating our homes and carving/painting pumpkins with out little ones!

We decided to sit down and chat about how we can still have a great Halloween with our kids this year, that may not involve the traditional Trick-or-Treating. We want to make sure our littles ghouls and goblins have the most amazing time, since they love dressing up (almost!) as much as we do! And hey, the candy is pretty awesome too!

We’ve come up with a few out of the box ideas that we really wanted to share with you, early enough, so that you can plan a fun, safe, and oh-so memorable Halloween for your kiddos!

Family Costumes

Plan a family costume theme and if you’re a pro DIYer make your costumes together! It’s a great way to have Halloween fun for the whole month of October, and your little ones will be extra proud of their costumes if they got to help too! For more fun, let your kids choose the theme and costume for each family member, it’ll be adorable to see what crazy ideas they come up with.

B+V - Outside the Halloween - Family Costume

Costume Parade

An outdoor costume parade is a great way to have some Halloween fun while keeping a safe distance. Maybe you live in a neighbourhood with lots of kids or organize something with your friends and family. Have the kids dress up in their costumes and walk around the block showing off their great costumes while families sit on their front lawns cheering them on! Make it extra fun by playing spooky Halloween tunes on a Bluetooth speaker or create a costume theme.

B+V - Outside the Box Halloween - Costumes

Halloween Ninja

Ninja-ing is a concept we heard about at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown – where you drop-off a surprise gift for friends or family. Let’s keep it going but Halloween Style! Choose a friend or family member that you want to Ninja with a Halloween treat bag – include treats for the kids and adults!

Include a secret note suggesting they Ninja someone else to get the trend going!

You’ve been Ninja’d by the Halloween Goblin… send treats to your favorite Wizard or Witch… or next time you might get Tricked instead of Treated…muahahahahahahah

B+V - Outside the box Halloween - candy bowl

 Candy Hunt

Similar to an Easter Egg hunt, hide Halloween treats around the house, turn on some Halloween tunes, turn out the lights and give the kids flashlights to do a fun and spooky Halloween Candy Hunt. The best part… you can make sure you only hide the kids (and your) favorite candies! No more candy corn or black licorice… ick. 

B+V - Outside the box halloween - trick or treating

 Halloween Party

This one is totally dependent on the gathering restrictions in your area and the comfort levels of you and your group. A small Halloween Party might be a great way to celebrate Halloween this year. A few of our previous posts provide suggestions on how to host great parties right now, in a way that’ll help keep you and your guests safe, like making sure you have a smaller guestlist, space out seating, avoid family style or buffet menus (plate individually wherever possible), have lots of sanitizer out and wipe down surfaces frequently. Make sure it’s complete with decorations, games, and great eats and treats!

 B+V - outside the box halloween

Halloween Decorating

Decorating for Halloween can be so fun! And this year, going over the top with indoor and outdoor decorations will make Halloween so much more memorable for you and others..

If you notice a lot of great decorations in your neighbourhood, head out for a drive or a walk with the family to check out the decorations!

Plan a theme for your decorations before you start shopping – monster mash, the chic witch, zombieland?! We like to keep our decorations family-friendly with nothing too scary, but we also like to venture out of the traditional orange pumpkins and black cats! Check out these adorable white faux pumpkins or decorate your front steps with these spooky candles! We’re obsessed with these black lanterns from Ikea for decorating your front step!

For more inspiration and links to our favorite Halloween decorations, check out our Pinterest Board.

We’ll be adding more decorating ideas as we get closer to Halloween and will be sharing how we decorate our own homes too.

B+V - Outside the box halloween - porch decor

Start a New Family Tradition

2020 is a great year to start new traditions, whether its decorating pumpkins (we like to paint pumpkins, since its safer and easier for our toddlers), Halloween arts + crafts, watching a Halloween movie, or going for a drive to check out the Halloween decor, starting a new tradition is sure to make this Halloween extra memorable for the kiddos!

Do you have any other ideas on how to make Halloween extra fun this year?

B+V - Outside the box halloween - Jack o lantern

Credit: 2 Jack o Lantern Photo by Beth Teutschmann on Unsplash

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