Our Pre-Party Checklist

When we’re prepping the final details for a party, we like to make a list of everything that needs to be done in preparation for the party. Then, we separate it based on what can be done in the days prior and what we know needs to be done the day of the party. We truly enjoy every aspect of party planning but if you leave all the small things to the day of the party, that day can feel stressful and overwhelming. And we want to give you all the tips and tricks to make the planning process more fun, but more importantly we want to help you have the most fun possible at your party! After all, that’s what being the hostess with the mostess is all about.

We’ve created a checklist with tasks to complete BEFORE the party day! All these things can and should be done in advance!! Below, you’ll see two lists separated based on whether your party will be at home or at a venue.

Getting your home ready for a party is a big deal and can definitely be time consuming. These tips will help you prepare in the days leading up to the event.

Clean the house
Don’t worry about rooms that you know guests will not be in, focus on the common areas where guests will be mingling and eating. Make sure to clean the washroom(s) you’ll ask guests to use and put out extra toilet paper, a clean hand towel and a full soap.

Clean the House

Prepare the food

Depending on your menu, you may be able to prepare the food in advance – like putting together salads (wait to put the dressing on until right before guests arrive), cutting vegetables, seasoning meats, preparing appetizers, or baking dessert.

Setting the table

If you’re hosting a dinner party, setting the table the night before is a great way to prep for the party in advance. It also gives you the chance to take your time in getting your tablescape vision just right! Plan which serving dishes you’ll be using and make sure they’re clean and ready to use.

Set the Table


You should always plan your decor well in advance of the party, especially if you have to DIY or buy anything! Put out any decor that will keep overnight until the party (i.e. not helium balloons) the evening before.

Plan your outfit

Choose your outfit and lay it out the night before the party so that it’s ready to put on when you’re done setting everything up. Do the same for any other family members that may need a special outfit! No one wants to be arguing with a toddler about what they need to wear 20 minutes before guests arrive LOL.


You won’t be able to check as much off your list for a venue party until you have access to the venue, but we do have tips on how you can be well organized for when you arrive at the venue for set-up.

Check-in with the Venue

You won’t be able to check as much off your list for a venue party until you have access to the venue, but we do have tips on how you can be well organized for when you arrive at the venue for set-up.


If you are making any of the food for a venue party, prepare what you can the day before. And If you have ordered food, pick it up the day before if you have room to store the items in your fridge. Otherwise, where possible, arrange for delivery to the venue to save yourself a bit of running around on the day of the party.


Just like a home party, you’ll want to make sure you have a well thought out decor plan and put together any DIY decor as early as possible. Put all the décor and any other items (serving dishes, games, gifts) into boxes the night before. You may even want to pack the car up the evening before.

Plan your outfit

Decide what you are wearing before the party day. This way, you can make sure your outfits are clean, wrinkle-free, and ready to throw on before you leave for the venue. Plan your accessories and shoes too! If you’re planning on wearing heels, pack them, and wear flats to the venue so you’re comfortable while setting up.

Pick your outfit

Checking a few things off your To Do list the day before the party will help take away some of the Day-of Party stress and make the party planning process much more enjoyable!

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