Make a BIG Impact for Small Gatherings

Small gatherings are a great way to celebrate occasions right now, while still being able to maintain social distancing. So how do you make a small gathering as memorable as a big, elaborate event?

It’s all about the details!

Make Guests Comfortable

After months of not seeing friends and family in person, the first couple in-person gatherings can be a bit stressful for some guests. Help them feel comfortable by taking extra precautionary steps:

  •  Space out seating
  •  Put out hand sanitizer
  •  Serve food on individual plates instead of buffet style
  •  Don’t put out shared dishes like chip bowls or dips
  •  Use disposable cups and cutlery
  •  Host outdoors if possible

Cozy Up

Make it easy for guests to spread out by spacing seating and adding extra chairs but keep the ambience cozy by adding in throw pillows and blankets to the seating areas, lower the lighting, and add soft music to the background.

Add an Element of Fun

Plan a game, a mini phot booth or even just put out conversation starter cards! Good laughs and great conversation make a get-together a party!

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