Halloween Ninja

A couple of weeks ago we shared our ideas on how to celebrate Halloween this year, since in many cities Trick-or-Treating is a no-go – check out that blog post here!

On that note, I decided to be a Halloween Ninja! This week, me and the boys Ninja’d our closest friends. We dropped off a Halloween goodie bag for our favourite lil’ ghouls and left a treat for the “big kids” too – I love Halloween just as much as my kids do, so I thought it would be fun to leave a treat for the parents too.

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What is a Halloween Ninja?

Ninja’ing someone means that you secretly drop off an unexpected gift on a friend’s doorstep. It’s a fairly popular but new trend that came about at the beginning of the pandemic. People wanted to do something special for friends and family to let them know they were thinking of them while maintaining distance or adhering to the local regulations regarding isolating.

For Halloween, since kids may not be able to trick-or-treat, it’s a fun (and safe!) way to give a treat to the special kiddos in your life.

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The Kids’ Goodie Bags

The goodie bags were really fun to put together! I included some treats like a few mini chocolate bars and my newest obsession – Smart Sweet Gummy Worms. Smart Sweet candies are super low sugar but still give you that sweet pick me up you crave.

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I also included a couple Halloween themed dollar store toys – cute note pads with pens (my kids loooove drawing!), maze activities and stickers.

I made a special goodie bag for my nephew, who is just a couple weeks old, that included a pumpkin stuffed animal and a Halloween book!

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The Adults (aka. the big kids)

My friends and I all enjoy a glass of wine here and there, so I decided to get a couple bottles of the creepiest, most Halloween-esque wine I could find! I also added cute Halloween themed soaps from Bath and Body Works, who doesn’t need more soap right now?!

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The Ninja Note

In each of the bags, I included a Ninja note, in the hopes that we could keep this trend going and bring a bit of much-needed Halloween Spirit to our friends and families.

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Halloween is all about creativity… the way you decorate your home, plan your costume, and organize activities… this year, you can get even more creative by doing something out of the box to celebrate!

Cheers and Happy Halloween-ing!

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