Dollar Store Thanksgiving Centerpieces + Tips

When we’re planning the decor for almost any party we always start with a couple inspiration photos and then check out our favorite stores. You might be surprised by what you can find at the Dollar Store, for any style of party.
Let’s talk about decor ideas that are easy on the wallet. With all the resources for party planning on Pinterest, Instagram and our favorite blogs, we know how easy it can be to get carried away with décor ideas. We often find inspiration in a number of places and we sometimes need to reel ourselves in when we start planning and purchasing our decor.

Know your decor vision
It’s important to know what your vision for the decor is before you start shopping so make sure you save a few inspiration photos to your phone so you don’t get off track! Make a must-have list of decor items to take along with you.

When shopping for centrepieces, hopefully you already have a couple ideas in mind. Check out the dollar store for anything that matches your decor inspiration, like glass vases, candle holders, and holiday specific items. 

These 3 Thanksgiving/Fall centrepieces, inspired by the super creative Natalie Khorsandian (@natalie_khorsandian_diy on Instagram), are all created with dollar store finds!

Centrepiece #1 – Glass Vases filled with fall decor

This centrepiece is put together with a fall table runner, and 3 glass vases filled with a mix of pumpkins and acorns. We love the orange and brown colours for Thanksgiving! And the metallic leaves in the table runner went perfectly with the plate chargers and dishes we already own.

B+V-Thanksgiving Centerpiece-Pinecone
The cost breakdown for this centrepiece is:

  • Short glass vase: $2.00
  • Medium glass vase: $2.50 x 2
  • Table runner: $2.00
  • Acorns and pumpkin mix: $2.00 x 2

Total cost: $13.00

Centrepiece #2 – Assorted leaves and pumpkins

We love this centrepiece because of its simplicity. The focal will be on your delicious meal and place settings, and there’s no bulky centrepieces you have trouble talking over! You can also add a few taper candles if you have them, to add a bit more dimension.

We went with a more muted colour of leaves rather than the traditional fall foliage. The colour paired so well with the pumpkins.

B+V-Thanksgiving Centerpiece-PumpkinLeaves
The cost breakdown for this centrepiece is:

  • Magnolia leaves: $2.00 x 4
  • Acorns and pumpkin mix: $2.00

Total cost: $10.00

Centrepiece #3 – Fruit Basket over burlap runner

This centrepiece is put together with a wire fruit basket, assorted pumpkins and acorns and a burlap runner. We added the Thankful blackboard sign to add to the rustic feel of this centrepiece.

We actually used a small roll of burlap fabric that we cut down the middle to make the runner.


The cost breakdown for this centrepiece is:

  • Thankful sign: $1.50
  • Burlap fabric: $1.25
  • Fruit Basket: $4.00
  • Acorns and pumpkin mix: $2.00 x 2

Total cost: $10.75

Other Dollar Store Tips:

When it comes to table decor, for most casual parties, disposable items are totally acceptable and can really look great! Most dollar stores will carry a number of colours and designs. Buying plastic or paper plates is also a great way to save time (no dishes!) and you can find a colour or design that match your theme.

Most dollar stores also sell washable plastic plates that are a step up from the disposable paper option. We usually only recommend buying plastic cups for a party if you’re serving pop, beer, coolers, etc. Wine and fancy cocktails really should be served in glassware if possible. If you’re expecting a lot of guests and don’t have the glassware available, look for plastic glasses that are sturdy and still aesthetically pleasing.

Balloon Décor
If you’re planning on having balloon décor, we actually DON’T recommend getting your balloons at the dollar store – and that’s because they often break easily, colour options are limited, and the packages are usually only 10 balloons so by the time you buy as many balloons as you need, the costs add up. If time allows for shipping, we buy our balloons wholesale online. Our go-to website is Balloons Online. They have a TON of colours, sizes, and types of balloons and ship quickly.

Don’t be afraid of shopping at the dollar store for party decor. Take the time to look for inspiration before going shopping and consider the set-up of your party room to avoid buying unnecessary décor, and make a decor must-have list before you head out shopping.

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